Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 133: The weather was SOOO bad....

July 18: ....I took the day off! =)

Yep, that's right. When we woke up in the morning, it was raining and was expected to continue raining all day long. And if it was raining at these low elevations at the bottom of the White Mountains, you know it would only be much, much worse near the tops!

'Twas a strange little statue....

So I decided to take the day off. Anyhow, it would give me more time to write these blog posts. It's tough for me to keep up on them--despite allowing these posts to grow further and further out-of-date as my hike progressed.

It wasn't all work and no play, however. Nope, Amanda and I bummed around a bit in North Conway and decided to enjoy a flick at the local movie theater. This time, we went to Jurassic World which was the typical fun action movie. Go dinosaurs! I love dinosaurs. =)

We decided to move hotels up to Gorham. It was a little closer to the trail than our current hotel, and as I progressed even further along the trail, I'd be getting closer and closer to Gorham and further and further away from North Conway. It was time to move!

I picked up a mail drop in Gorham--at long last, my winter gear had caught up with me! Woo-who! I won't freeze to death in the White Mountains anymore! Although at this point, I was nearly completely through them, but there were still some wicked mountains ahead. I was glad to have my cold-weather gear back. =)

And that was that.... another dull day of the life of a thru-hiker! Late in the afternoon we heard some distant thunder echoing around the mountains and I thought, yep--it's good not to be hiking today!

Train station in North Conway.

I liked the fact that the local EMS store included the elevation on their restroom signage! =)
Amanda wanted me to treat her like a princess today. This was the best I could do....
Then she got chased by a moose!

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Mary said...

That's a disturbing statue - on many levels!