Friday, January 15, 2016

Day 130: North Conway Zero

July 15: Weather forecasts for the day--particularly up high in the White Mountains--were unfavorable, so I decided to take a zero day. And after my over 70,000 steps yesterday, why not?! But I didn't really hurt after my long day yesterday, but the idea of rain and lightning didn't appeal to me. I can sit that out.

So Amanda and I bummed around North Conway, a cute little tourist town. We didn't do much, though. The highlights for the day included going to see a movie--Terminator Genesis. Somewhat ironically, we had seen another Terminator during my 2003 thru-hike. I guess a Terminator movie is becoming an AT tradition for me!

And near the end of the day, we did laundry at a campground near our hotel. Then ate at a spaghetti place for dinner.

It was really quite a dull day. You shouldn't even bother reading this post, but it's already over! Ha! =)

I saw this sign in a Friendly's parking lot. I gotta say... I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! =)

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