Monday, January 18, 2016

Day 131: Easy Street!

July 16: Today would be a rather easy day of walking since I only had to cover about 8 miles. I'd have liked to do more, but there wouldn't be any good places to meet Amanda and get off the trail after that. So I had a measly 8-mile day of walking, and as it turns out, it's among the easiest section of the entire White Mountains because the trail mostly followed an old railroad bed.

I would, however, have to walk nearly three miles to get back to the trail. That was the downside of walking nearly 3 miles to get off the trail there. I'd wind up walking over 5 extra miles getting off and back on the trail by Zealand Falls Hut!

So I took my time waking up in the morning and getting to the trail, but I still finished by 1:00 in the afternoon. It was a pleasant and easy walk. The weather was nice. Not really much to report today!

For dinner, Amanda and I headed to Cabin Fever where I ordered a "Hiker Burger" or "Camp Burger" or something like that. I don't remember the details anymore, but it seemed like the right thing to do! =)

Ethan Pond
I found this trail crew of youths adding some new water bars to the trail.
Ripley Falls is a half-mile off the trail, but since I was doing such a short, easy day, I made the effort to hike the half-mile out and half-mile back to check out the falls. =)
Perhaps the most dangerous part of today's hiking!

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