Monday, January 11, 2016

Day 128: Zero Day Wanderings

July 13: Not a whole lot really happened today.... I took a day off the trail because, darn it, I deserve a break occasionally! I went to the post office where I picked up my laptop and a new Kindle I had shipped to myself after my old Kindle bit the dust. I got a good, solid four years of use out of the old one and the new one had a backlight which I was excited to use late at night in the shelters. Much more convenient than having to read with a headlamp!

This auto-care center was near our hotel. If this is their idea of auto "care," I'll take a pass! =)

I was a little worried that the Kindle hadn't arrived because I ordered it from Amazon and they stupidly sent it using UPS. Which I figured might be a problem because I had it sent to general delivery at the post office! I'd had packages sent to my PO box before and they shipped it correctly through USPS, but whoever coded their website forgot to handle general delivery issues properly. But, happily, the package had arrived and when I commented on it to the lady at the counter, she said they do what they can to help thru-hikers. =) Thanks, post office of North Woodstock!

Amanda and I ate lunch at a Greek restaurant (the Landmark II--not sure what happened to Landmark I) and later dinner at a Mexican restaurant (Nachos). We also went to a movie: Minions, which Amanda seemed excited to see but we both thought it was a bit disappointing. It was okay, actually, but for a movie stuffed with minions, we expected more. How can you go wrong with those adorable, little critters?! I think we had our expectations too high.

But that was about it. The rest of the time, I walked around town and worked on these blog posts.

Best candy shop ever!
No, definitely not a question!
Moose! Moose! I saw a MOOSE!!!!!

Amanda takes a dip in the hotel swimming pool. =)

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Hope you get your warmer clothes soon.
It's getting chillier.