Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I'm going to interrupt your regularly scheduled Appalachian Trail posts to remind y'all--it's that time of year again where Amanda and I try to raise a little money for the Washington Trails Association during their annual Hike-a-Thon! It's a great organization that's done wonderful work for the trails of Washington state. You might not live in Washington and think you don't benefit from it, but let me remind you--stories from the trail only happen because of organizations like this!

Trails around Mount Rainier get a lot of love from the WTA! =)
Many of you may have or plan to visit the Washington area, and this organization helps maintain trails at Mount Rainier and the Olympic Mountains. In colder months, this head to lower elevations closer to places like Seattle and Portland. (Portland, although in Oregon, is right on the Washington border so y'all benefit from the work done on the Washington side of the border!)

Or maybe you've read my blog and the adventures I've hiked in Washington state, or read about other people's accounts of their thru-hikes of the Pacific Crest Trail. Organizations like this make these trails possible.

So please, even if you can only spare five or ten bucks, that's great! It may not sound like much, but it adds up!

I'm currently on my way to Europe for a bit more hiking before I head home so I won't be online much, but if I get a record of your donation in time, I'll send you a postcard from there. =) If I'm back in the states before I find out about the donation, I'll still send you a thank you postcard, but it'll likely be something a bit more domestic--like from Seattle! Wouldn't you rather get a postcard from Milan, Italy? Yeah, me too! So don't delay! Sponsor me now! =)


-- Ryan

PS. To make sure you get your postcard, but sure to email me your address. The WTA will tell me who donated, but not your address! And if I know you by a trail name rather than your real name, I might have even more trouble figuring out where to send it!

There are some fabulous trails around the Glacier Peak Wilderness as well! =)

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