Thursday, January 6, 2011

Please Excuse Our Technical Difficulties

Bridge over troubled waters.... Actually, the water
looked quite pleasant, as was the bridge. =)
I don't know what happened with that last post. I wrote a masterpiece of a post--finally discovering and explaining the meaning of life. It was an in depth discussion, and it was going to shatter the world, but Blogger put an end to that plan. I guess they deemed it too controversial and deleted the good parts, leaving everyone with nothing more than a mysterious bag of water hanging on our porch at the Sandhill Cottages in Carson.

Unfortunately, I've lost my notes from that day, and my solution to the meaning of life is gone. It took me 35 years and 10,000 miles of walking to get to that solution. Damn. It might take me another 35 years to figure it out again. *sigh*

It is amusing to note that a single photo of a plastic bag of water garnered more comments than any other post so far!

So, in a nutshell, this is what else you missed in that post:

August 29: Amanda frantically driving around trying to find a place to make copies, fax stuff, and do a lot of paperwork because she unexpectedly got an offer on her house in North Carolina after the better part of a year trying to get rid of it. That ended up leaving me with only enough time to hike for about three hours, none of which was particularly noteworthy.

Amanda was near. I could sense it!
August 30: I didn't hike at all. Figuring if I averaged 25 miles per day to the border, that would put my finish date on September 19th or so. Amanda checked her schedule and said if I finished on September 21st, she be off of work and could pick me up. So I said, yeah, I could slow down and arrive at Manning Park and the end of the trail on September 21st. Should be easy! I just needed to slow down.... And I now had an official finish date to shoot for! September 21st--the day of reckoning.

To celebrate, I took the day off from hiking. It looked like it was about to rain at any minute, and I needed to slow down if I was going to reach Manning Park on the 21st. So I wrote blog entries all day and bought food to mail ahead to myself at White Pass, Snoqualmie Pass, and Skehekin.

And that was that..... I'm really sorry about losing that whole meaning of life thing, though.

Trail magic during my three-hour hike. Not much, really. Amanda left an ice chest. =)
Not many views in these parts.
Yeah, that bag of water. We didn't know why it was there at the time, but we did some Google
sleuthing later and figured out it was supposed to repel mosquitoes. We determined that it
actually seemed to attract them instead! =)


Anonymous said...

Water...mosquitos are born in water..I could have save those Mythbuster folks a lot of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they were trying to heat the water with solar energy. There something on the bag about Earth Day, and it's printed in Green. Heating the water and conserving electricity with the sun, that far north in Washington state, I'm surprised it wasn't boiling.

Anonymous said...

I've seen campers do that in campgrounds and they said it repelled flies. I don't know!

Sue KuKu said...

The meaning of Life is 42!


veganf said...

The bag just says "5 a Day for Better Health". Water repelling mosquitos, hahahahaha!

Eidolon said...

I think you are supposed to hang the water on someone else's cabin to repel the mosquitoes from yours.