Thursday, June 24, 2010

On to Wrightwood!

May 22: The views from the trail today were wonderful. We could see down into Wrightwood, our destination for the night, from the trail. It's a ski resort town, and a major resupply point for thru-hikers. And even better, my mom was coming for a visit, so I had already arranged to have her pick us up from the trailhead to whisk us into town. No hitchhiking for us this day!

There were some confusing road intersections along the way that we muddled through, and for several miles quite a bit of snow covered the trail. It wasn't bad, but it was slow-going and annoying, and I stuck close to Charmin in case one of us hurt ourselves going through the snow.

Ironically, there was very little snow while passing through the ski resort and ski lifts. Those were a little lower down the mountain, and we stopped for lunch at a snack shop that had closed for the season. It was nice to be on a wooden deck. I could take off my shoes and walk around without having to put on camp shoes.

We arrived at Inspiration Point along Highway 2 a little later than planned due to the snow, but my mom was there, sleeping in her car waiting. I knocked on the window, which woke her and scared her half to death, and she drove Charmin and I into Wrightwood.

Mom and I checked into a room at the Pines Motel, then headed to the hardware store where we learned there was lots of good information about the next reroute on the trail due to the Station Fire. There was also a list of trail angels who would host thru-hikers for minimal cost, and I let Charmin borrow my cell phone to call a few of them, but they were either out of town or not answering the phone. Mom suggested that she could just sleep on the floor of our room at the hotel, so that's what we ended up doing.

I had my mom shave my head bald again. No sense growing a lot of unnecessary hair! And I spent most of the night on her laptop working on Atlas Quest.


Anonymous said...

Glad you got a visit with your mom and some respite in Wrightwood. We have friends who live there, so we get there once or twice a year for a visit. Alas... the last I checked, there are no letterboxes in Wrightwood. Did you plant any??? No, I'm sure you didn't... more stuff to carry. Not heavy, but takes up space. I've briefly considered planting, myself, but since I don't live in that "snows in winter" climate, I imagine my letterbox would get moved by a snowplow or float away on a rivulet of melting snow.

== Hansenclan

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! What's the story on that mountain of snow? Just someplace the ski area piled the excess?

When I saw the pic of the ponderosa that had fallen on the picnic table I immediately thought of you and your nights spent sleeping on picnic tables on the AT. Yikes!

Hike On!
~Twinville Trekkers