Thursday, April 3, 2008

An Update on My Progess....

As most of you realize, due to my limited access to pay phones, my blog entries are rarely posted immediately after I type them. Sometimes a couple of days have elapsed, and sometimes as much as a week has elapsed.

But I rarely post my current position since it would require editing an entry from possibily days ago which then causes my blog posts to show up out of order on my PocketMail device. So to keep things simple (for me), I don't edit old entries.

However, I know there are a number of you wanting to drive out to Springer Mountain for my grand finale, and those folks are probably wondering--is he really going to make it on April 16th?

Late yesterday afternoon, I crossed the Georgia state line and figure I have roughly 250 miles left to hike and 14 days to do it. Can it be done? Absolutely! Can I miss my date with Springer?

It's... possible. If I have to take a zero day due to bad weather (snow, for instance) or a twisted ankle slows me down, it is possible I could miss that date. The next week or so I'm going to try to bank a lot of long days to get the average number of miles per day I have to do down to 15--without even including summit day. I figure I can summit early in the morning if I have no need to use my banked miles, or late in the day if I need the extra time.

I'm posting this message from Cave Springs, Georgia. I hope to camp very near Springer Mountain on the night of April 15th--or maybe even on it--then hike down to Amicalola Falls on the 16th.

I can't make any guarantees at this point, but it's very doable--I figure the likihood of making it well above 90% at this point--and that's my goal.

So that's the current state of my hike, and because I'm posting this as a new message, it isn't messing up the order of the blog posts I already have lined up to go. ;o)


Anonymous said...

i am just beaming for you. wish i could be there on springer when you finish. it would be great to be back on top of that mountain.


Kerstin said...

Are you talking Cave Springs wiht the cave and the natural spring where everybody gets water? Heck, if I'd known you were there today-we were within 20 minutes of you! You're super close to Ma Pickle and I at that point!

Connie said...

I had no idea you were that close. My family will be in Rome Sunday - Tuesday! I wish I knew how to find you! You have my number (I hope you still do anyway) Call if you want.

I wouldn't mind if you were late to the mountain. We can't come during the week!!!!

Anonymous said...

To bad you will be there on the 16th. A buddy and I will be getting droped off at Springer on the 18th for short trip. Cocoahikers (Stitches)

Jcmar10 said...

We have been following your trek since Key West and are looking forward to meeting you in person at Springer Mtn.

Miss Piggy, P.Banks, Hamm, and the Pig that stayed Home, of the 4 Little Piggies

Anonymous said...


Hope you are well, dry and safe throughout this thunderstorm today (Friday). We are praying for you to be safe.

Mark (Wild Dreams)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome accomplishment!!!! I feel like I know you by reading your adventures, although we've never met, and wished I lived closer to Springer Mountain so we could join the welcoming party at the end of the trail. So glad Alabama has redeemed itself on the latter part of your hike through the "the Heart of Dixie".

Lollipop's mom

Anonymous said...

Awesome job, Ryan!! Congratulations on getting as far as you have and good luck with the rest of your hike!! I absolutley love your updates and can't wait for more!!

♥ Lady Lilac

Anonymous said...

We have enjoyed following your progress. What an incredible accomplishment! Keep safe.

Box Hunters

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan, stay safe, stay, dry, and stay well! We're rootin' for you here!

Florida Sunsets

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! You're so close! I know you did this several years ago, but it's been exciting reading along through your journey :)

Hike on!
~Twinville Trekkers