Monday, April 7, 2008

The Latest Progress Update

Hello, folks!

I am now making myself comfortable in the bustling little town of Dalton, GA.

I'm trying to slow down. Not sure how it happened, but I somehow ended up at a point where I need to average less than 15 miles of hiking per day to reach Springer Mountain on time, and I'm finding it VERY difficult to slow down! It's like my legs are programmed for 20 miles per day and they simply will not accept anything less.

Thus, I have decided to take a zero day here in Dalton. Oh, the fun I will have. The gluttony in restaurants, the libraries, and bookstores. A whole zero day to do anything I please.

I'm checked into a motel right off the I-75. I can see traffic running on it from my room at this very minute. Exciting, let me tell you! =)

And I have it under good authority that this is the same Interstate that runs direct to downtown Altanta (and way down to Alligator Alley in Florida where I first crossed the road so many months ago) which doesn't look terribly far away.

So, for anyone who'd rather meet and exchange with me in Dalton instead of Springer Mountain, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

Yes, folks, for anyone who's up for the drive to Dalton, I'll be happy to meet up with you. =) I'm thinking tomorrow night (Tuesday) would probably be better than tonight (more time to plan the drive out to here).

There's a Cracker Barrel right off the Interstate here (among many other choices), so I'm wondering--would anyone be up for a quick mini gathering at the Cracker Barrel at 7:00 tomorrow night? I'd make the time earlier, but I figured some of you Atlanta area folks probably work until 5:00 and would need time to drive out.

If so, let me know, and I'll station myself outside the restaurant by 7:00 Tuesday night. Just look for the homeless looking guy with the scruffy beard. =)

-- Ryan, with about 117 miles left to hike....


Anonymous said...

Ryan, I'll be seeing you tomorrow night at the Cracker Barrel. Hoping to bring a few friends! Glad you're in Georgia. Are those banjos I hear? :)


Rachel said...

Carpet Capitol of the World! Or so I recall, from my database consulting days. I can't make it to sunny, funny Dalton, but I can wish you luck.

Aimee said...

Aww, man! I wish we could come, but I just read this, and it's too late for us to plan. Have a good gathering, all!!
~Lady Buzz