Friday, January 11, 2008

Where On Earth Is Ryan?

For those trying to keep track of where I am at any given point, my blog entries are typically about a day out of date. Due to the severe lack of phones the last few days, I'm a bit more out of date than that now, and it'll probably be some while before the adventures are completely up-to-date!

To make a long story short.... Mike, I copied the Google link from your comments. I'll update it on the main page whenever I get a chance, but his links will always be more up-to-date than mine.

Which day did I hike Card Sound... *thinking* Gosh, I don't know anymore. =) Four days ago, whenever that was. Is today Friday? So I hiked it on Monday.

I know I posted about the long march the day after I hiked it.

The big question everyone is asking--where is he NOW? Why haven't we heard from him in more than two days?!

I just posted the Highway 997 walk, which was Tuesday. Then I hiked east on Highway 41 pretty much all day on Wednesday. Thursday, I veered off onto Loop Road (labled as highway 49 on some maps, I believe?) and hiked to the official southern terminus of the Florida Trail. Last night, I camped out there on the road, under my first orange blaze, and this morning hiked the first 8 miles of trail (deep in water and mud!!!).

I'm now at the Oasis Visitor Center off of Highway 41, sitting by the phone at the restrooms, covered with mud and filth. =) I shall be heading back into the woods again soon, not to emerge for an expected three days at a rest area on I-75.

I don't really have time to itemize my pack's contents at the moment, but I will for those of you who are interested in it. No promises about when that'll happen, though!

Okay, let me clean up a bit, then I'll post about the Highway 41 walk. (The Loop Road walk and first eight miles of the Florida Trail will have to wait until I emerge again from Alligator Alley.)

Happy trails!

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Holly said...

Stay safe! Looking forward to your next set of posts !

Talley Valley Farm Clan

Anonymous said...

Obviously you hiked west on 41, not east! And that loop road is labelled 94 on my DeLorme map, not 49. There's a town on it named "Trail City" -- hmmmmm. Eight miles north of there, back on 41, there's an "oasis airport" and a "Trailtown" at the Big Cypress National Preserve. I presume that's where this blog was sent from, and that the hike continues northward from there through all that green swampy expanse on the map!

-- Kirbert

Unknown said...

Glad to hear from you again (safe). And I'm also glad the map's days were accurate. That would have bugged me if I messed up somewhere after being so careful. Trek forth!

P.S. I'll post updated links along the way to keep you from walking too far off the edge of the map.

midlandtrailblazer said...

brave soul! look forward to hearing from you the next chance you get.

Anonymous said...

well, i guess at this point there is no point in telling you to stay dry.......nor clean........

so stay safe, and write soon.


Pre said...

Now about that GPS tracking device, deviously planted via 'box, mom's mail, the ranger, or other seemingly "innocent" folks who stop you on the road..

and ask about European blisters or some such thinga ma ...extant pay phones and on.

That's what we wanna KNOW!