Monday, November 18, 2019

Day 10: The Eureka Zero

July 25: Today was my first zero day of the trail. A day to rest, relax and enjoy the creature comforts of civilization. I continued catching up with emails, message boards, YouTube videos, etc.

This sculpture was located in General Pershing Veterans Memorial Park

But I also had chores to do--which included laundry. There was an RV camp behind the hotel that we could use, so I did my laundry there.

I also had to buy food for the next section of trail. I made a rough itinerary and figured it would take me about a week to reach my next resupply point in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Looking further ahead, I knew I would want to send food to myself at Ross Lake which I didn't expect to reach for at least a month, but my guidebook warned that packages should be shipped a few weeks in advance so I also planned to send 4 days worth of food ahead. Mostly because that was all I could fit in the flat rate box I used.

I did my grocery shopping at Stein's Family Foods.

And I decided that I would ship my fancy camera with its 300mm zoom lens home. It was bulky and heavy and I was tired of carrying it. I kind of hoped I wouldn't see anything cool where I could use it. If I saw another bear or moose or something, I'd really regret getting rid of the camera! But it was just too heavy, and now that I was no longer traveling through a national park, I figured my chances of seeing particularly cool wildlife would be much more limited.

So I dropped by the post office to mail off my two packages. I padded my camera with some cold weather clothes that I hadn't been using and decided I likely wouldn't need until late in the summer further lightening my load.

I dropped by the ranger station in town mostly because it was there and asked if there were any issues that I should know about further up the trail. But no, they said there weren't any fires, no problem bears to watch out for, no problems with the trail. But last year, they told me, the smoke from the wildfires had been absolutely horrid--a story I would hear over and over again throughout the length of the trail. Glad I wasn't hiking last year! But this year, things were pretty boring--definitely a good thing!

I made a quick visit to the ranger station to learn that there were no problems or obstacles ahead on the trail.

The pizza I ordered for dinner the evening before I ate for breakfast, then for lunch and--improbably--I still had enough left over for dinner as well! I hadn't expected to eat pizza for four meals in a row and regretted getting the large size. I'd have liked more variety.

I walked around and explored the town of Eureka a bit. The downtown area was quite pleasant with a historical village to explore and a riverfront park to enjoy.

And then I headed back to the hotel for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow, it was time to hit the trail again!
On a hot, sunny day like today, homemade (or "homemade"?) ice cream sounded good!
Two thumbs up!
The historical village had all sorts of old buildings and equipment to check out.
This was a thrashing machine. Now it's a part of the historical village.

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Bon Echo said...

So funny, been reading your blog for a couple years and yet Stein's Family Foods is the first time I've seen a photo of somewhere that I have also been to. Of all the places, it's a grocery store that we have in common :)