Monday, August 26, 2019

Day 35: Church Camping

April 4: This morning, we did the usual 7:00am breakfast with an 8:00am departure, although the start of our hike took place a bit later after a short bus ride to the center of As-Salt to pick up the trail from where we left off two days earlier.

We walked a few miles through the city, all road walk along busy, nosy roads, and it was a relief to finally escape the hubbub.

The day was beautiful. Partly cloudy, but mostly blue skies and comfortably warm. Given the fact we mostly walked on paved roads or very good gravel roads, mud from the rains earlier wasn't much of an issue. Flowers were blooming.

I had stopped picking up trash along the trail because of the rain and mud, but started up again today.

We made good time in an otherwise uneventful day of hiking. There was a short, initial climb up from the city center but then mostly a shallow downhill the rest of the day, and we completed our 16 kilometers by 2:00 in the afternoon.

Our campsite for the night was located in the small town of Rmemeen. More specifically, at the Orthodox church in Rmemeen. Tents were set up around the perimeter of the church, and we had access to the bathrooms in a side building with a dining room and small kitchen.

Home, sweet, home! For tonight, at least....

Being in town, many of us walked to a small market for cold drinks and snacks, and I did the same. Not so much because I needed anything but more just to look around the area and explore the town a bit. If I happened to find a little ice cream... who was I to complain? =)

And I did find ice cream, which I bought. Along with a Coke and a few snacks. But I also discovered that the market had a henna kit! It was a surprising and unexpected find! And I had to buy that too. =)

I didn't want to apply the henna immediately. I'd need my arm for eating dinner and such, but I figured after dinner would be a good time. I was going to put Karolina to work! And she didn't even know it because she hadn't walked with me to the market so didn't know about the henna kit.... yet.

After dinner, I rolled up my sleeve and let her go to work on my arm. The kit included instructions in English, so I was careful to follow them. I didn't give Karolina any direction--just to draw something interesting on my arm, and she probably spent 15 minutes making patterns on my arm and the back of my hand.

Then, I had to let the henna paste sit there. For a few hours. I don't remember the exact amount of time anymore and didn't write it in my notes, but waiting until after dinner to apply it was a bad idea because I basically couldn't go to sleep until 11:00 at night. I never stay up that late!~

And the later it got, the colder the evening became. But I couldn't roll up my sleeve or cover my hand or arm. I wound up huddled close to the fire waving my arm over it to keep it warm.

My new tat, while waiting for it to dry. It's gonna look awesome!

Karolina headed off to sleep, as did pretty much everyone else. I was left to myself to wonder how I ended up alone by the fire, wishing to go to sleep but unable to.

After the required wait, the instructions said it was okay to wipe off the dried henna paste, so that's what I did using some spare toilet paper because that was all I had readily available and the effect looked gorgeous! I couldn't wait to show it off to everyone in the morning!

I was about to throw the toilet paper away when I realized that the dark henna paste looked a little like poop. On toilet paper. And an idea formed in my head.... I could put it next to Ernie's tent. He'd never suspect me! After he put his used toilet paper in front of Tim's tent, Ernie would immediately think Tim was finally getting his revenge? Right? Well, okay, I knew Ernie would immediately consider his number one suspect, but I'd cast suspicion on Tim anyhow. *nodding*

So I sneaked over to Ernie and Jan's tent and threw the used-looking toilet paper in front of their tent. They were going to get a surprise in the morning! It killed me that I had to wait until morning to find out his reaction, though.... *sigh* Patience, Ryan! Patience!

This street was so steep, they put grooves in it so cars (and people!) would have more traction going up and down it.
This store looked like fun! But no time to stop! Gotta hike to do!

I'd never seen a fence made out of pallets before. I kind of like it! =)

Nienka from the Netherlands
Helena isn't trying to hide from me... she's putting sunscreen on! A very important thing in Jordan!
Sarah from the good old USA.
Jan from Australia (and living in Canada), and Ernie's wife. I hoped Ernie would find my "surprise" tomorrow morning and not Jan! =)
Lina, the new Jordanian ambassador to Japan. Gotta stay hydrated out in the sun!
Femmy from the Netherlands (and Nienka's mom)
Gary from the USA.
Maria from the Netherlands
Ernie takes a nap. He's a brave man, closing his eyes when I'm around. =)
Basha, a local Jordanian donkey. *nodding*

That's me coming out of my tent.

Looks like Connie got to a slow part in her book.

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