Friday, September 8, 2017

Post 19: We Step Foot into Austria, Because We Can!

Guest Blogger Amanda here to chronicle our last day in Germany. So we are looking at the map and it is only 1.3 km to the Austrian border. Cool! So that is our plan for the day. Hike down to step foot into Austria, then come back and get on the train back to Munich to fly home to Seattle.

I just love these flower displays

First we have to check out of the hostel and store our luggage in a locker at the train station. With that done, we just walk out along the River Lech, south towards Austria. We pass a "waterfall" called Lech Falls. That is about the halfway point and then Austria is next. I decide to turn around and head back to town (I wanted to shop for a dirndl) and Ryan continues onward into Austria, he was thinking of making a loop out of the hike.

We cross the river Lech again as we leave Fussen

Trying to control those "Locks of Love" people
Scary Bavarian Bear

Near Lech Falls
Lots of hiking trails converge here along the river
This is it, the Austrian Border! 
Ryan will have to tell you about his adventures in Austria, before we meet back up again at the train station and head back to Munich Airport.

Beer at the train station

Ryan enjoys water at the train station

Another great beer in the land of beer!

View from the train as we leave Fussen

**** Ryan here ****

This was among the more interesting things I found on the trail after I split up with Amanda and explored Austria a bit on my own. =)

And, in other news.... I'm sad to report but this is it. There are no more blog posts! My European adventures had finally come to an end. I flew to California to visit my mom, then on to Seattle and home. And I haven't really done anything blog-worthy since. Just working on my websites and walking around town. I'm still studying Polish--I hope to return soon and continue learning. There's so much more of Poland I've heard about and want to see!

But, of course, while this is the end of this series of posts, it won't be the death of this blog. I already have more adventures being planned from whirlwind road trip culminating in a total solar eclipse of the sun, then tromping down the Colorado Trail and.... well, who knows what all the future holds? =)

But those blog entries won't hit the Internet for probably a couple of months. Until then.... *exit, stage left*


hal said...

Ich spreche Deutsche nicht.

Mary said...

Oh no! I don't want it to end! When and where will your next trail hike be? Where did you go for the solar eclipse?

Grrly Girl said...

Amanda, did you buy a dirndl?
I was hoping for a photo.

Hal, as my dad would say, "macht nichts".