Monday, March 7, 2016

Day 153: The Monson Zero

August 7: For a third night, I'd be staying in Monson. But this time, I had a true zero day. No hiking at all! I still needed to get more blog posts done that would last through the end of the hike!

I ate another hearty breakfast at Shaws. Bearfish arrived in the afternoon and it was nice catching up with him again. He wanted to go to Pete's Place for lunch since he had met the proprietor briefly earlier on the trail and wanted to say hi, so I joined him. I can't say for certain what I ate--inexplicably, I didn't write in my journal that day. Although I have this vague memory of eating glorified grill cheese twice, so maybe that's what I did. I'm sure a trip there wouldn't have been complete without a slice of pie either, and I likely got something I didn't get before. =)

But except for a little wandering around the small town, I did nothing and went nowhere. It was a zero day, after all!

Watch out for the wildlife running through town!
Looks like you've been busted, Amy! =) You know you're in a small town when you see signs like this....
The moose in Maine are everywhere!

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