Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Cat Food Can Stove

Turn this....
Heard enough about soda can stoves, have you? Well now you're in for a special treat: Fancy Feast cat food! Or rather, turning the can into an alcohol stove. I don't use cat food can stoves for reasons I mention on the new webpage, but for some people, it might be an even better option than the soda can stove.

Interested? Then read all about the cat food can stove.

...into this! =)


Jimmy said...

Does denatured burn cleaner than rubbing? I can get 99% iso but if it doesn't burn clean I'll go with denatured.

Ryan said...

Rubbing alcohol, the one time I tried it, burned horribly sooty and not very hot. I'd go with the denatured alcohol. *nodding*

-- Ryan