Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To Walk Like a Duck

May 4: After riding with eagles, and soaring like eagles, Amanda stole off early in the morning and once again, I was grounded like a duck. I stopped in the business center briefly to get online--ancient computers slow as a three-toed sloth, but still better than nothing, packed up my gear, and headed out. I stopped at the post office to mail off some extra gear that I didn't want to carry, then hiked a mile or so up the road to the trailhead.

I caught up with Seaweed fairly quickly, who asked me to take Ben's socks since I was hiking faster. It seems he left them at a stop and Seaweed wanted to get them back to Ben. So I took over the task.

Along the hike, I met up with Dinosaur, Hiker 816, Swazey, Gandolf, and Radar. And managed to catch up with Ben and return his socks. All in all, it was a pretty dull day to report on. I set up camp along a dirt road next to a water cache. Dinosaur, Swazey, and Hiker 816 went to a house nearby to camp--a trail angel who may or may not be around and who may or may not have cold sodas. (Turns out, there weren't any.) Gandolf and Radar kept going, stopping somewhere ahead of me. Ben and Seaweed set up camp somewhere behind me. So I ended up spending the night alone this night.


Anonymous said...

It may have been an "unremarkable" day, but it's still very remarkable that you're out there, doing this! Thanks for checking-in.


OhanaTribe said...

I keep looking for the "Agree" button on these posts... what might be an uneventful day to you on the trail is still pretty cool for those of us following along!

Anonymous said...

Nice pic of the yucca, we have many in our yard (yes in WA). They were here when we moved in and I only like them while they're blooming...


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Cool pic! Yuccas are the state flower of New Mexico. We have a whole grove of them on our property. The flowers are very edible and quite tasty in a salad. We'll pluck them right off the stem and snack on them. The roots can be crushed and made into soap. And the leaves can be peeled and made into baskets and even sandals.
The fruits can be dried and crushed into meal to make a kind of bread. And the fruits are also a great laxative, too. They'll keep you running like the Energizer bunny. :D
Our llamas and goats think they taste yummy.

The yucca is a very versatile plant for sure.

Hike On!
~Twinville Trekkers