Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Alive!

I've gone and done it--I bought a new domain name. This one, as you can see, is called AnotherLongWalk.com. I used to have FloridaTrail2008.com that I blogged to while thru-hiking the Florida Trail, but after that hike ended, it seemed kind of useless to keep the old domain name and I let it expire. (Last time I looked, it appears someone hawking drugs bought it. Go figure.)

Anyhow, I've started preparing for a another long hike—this time, the Pacific Crest Trail, from Mexico to Canada. About 2,650 miles of adventuring. I'd need a new blog, and a new domain name. Rather than buy pct2010.com, I decided to go with the more generic name so I can reuse the blog over and over again. =)

I'm still tweaking this new blog to make it look like I want. For a hiking blog, I need more earth tones in it. A few PCT photos. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

This afternoon, I filled out the paperwork to get all the permits I'd need for my hike. The biggie is the permit from the PCTA that allows me to legally walk the entire length of the trail from start to finish. I filled that one out and mailed it off this afternoon.

The second piece of paperwork I filled out was an application to enter Canada on the PCT. They want to know all about me, my passport, any crimes I've committed, an explanation of why I'm going into Canada (I thought that was self-explanatory?), and include a photocopy of my ID. I haven't mailed that yet--I didn't have the right postage for mailing it to Canada. I'll go into the post office tomorrow and get it mailed off properly.

And the third piece of paperwork is a fire permit. That was the easiest of the bunch. Basically, you print out an online form, put in your name, and sign it. Presto! You're done. Put it in your wallet and get on the trail. I don't actually have to mail this one anywhere. I'll probably lose it before I start the trail, though, so I'll probably have to print it out again. =)

Good times! =)


Anonymous said...

Yea!!! Am happy for you, and us!!! We get to hear all about it on this snazzy new blog, and you get to do all the grunge work to supply it. That's my kind of hiking, ha ha. Will be looking forward to reading all about it. So when is this new hike taking place? You expected that question, now didn't you?

veganf said...

Seriously you need a permit in order to hike the trail??!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, Green Tortuga, how long do you expect this hike to last? It looks like it's going to cover alot of territory. Do you plan to hike it alone or with an entourage? So many questions.... The121

Anonymous said...

anotherlongwalk or anotherlonghike?

Anonymous said...

I have a good friend who spent 10 years walking the PCT in stages. He has done amazing documentation of his trip.
email me at fleetwood7 on aq if you are interested in contacting him

emileerhea said...

This is exciting news! I was first drawn to Atlas Quest by your Florida Trail blogs. I found myself checking in frequently to read your latest adventures. I'm looking forward to reading about the PCT!